*The following specials apply to 2 & 3 bedroom units only. Currently, there are no specials on our one-bedroom units. *

If the security deposit is made WITHIN 24 HOURS OF A SHOWING, then the applicant(s) will receive BOTH of the following specials:

$99 deposit down (Regular deposit is equal to one month’s rent.)


All 2-Bedroom Units & 3-Bed/2-Bath Units:
Receive a FREE Detached Garage with a 12 month-lease (includes 2 Bed + Den units)
3-Bed/3-Bath Units:
Receive 10% off First Year’s Rent with a 12-month lease.

If the security deposit is not made within 24 hours of a showing, then the applicant(s) will only get to choose ONE of the above specials.